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Laura works tirelessly and with devotion for the NAS, as secretary for seven years and was Richmond NAS Branch Officer for five years.

Laura was a co-author of the Richmond NAS Information Pack’s first edition and sits on a number of borough autism focus groups and training groups.


Pam was the Branch Treasurer from 2004 until 2017. She is a primary school teacher and has spent many years working with children who have special educational needs in mainstream, including working as a SENCO for three years.


Susie was one of the three parents who set up ‘the bridge for social communication’ charity in 2002. It ran groups for children and young people and included a drama/talking group, sport groups, a youth group plus sensory integration sessions as well as teacher training events and parent information evenings. She currently works for Me Too & Co.

She was a co-author of the Richmond NAS Information Pack 2004 edition, her special area of interest being children and young people with Asperger syndrome/high functioning autism.


Louise has recently joined our committee and like Pam, she is also a teacher. We welcome her and look forward to the contribution she will undoubtedly make to the work of our committee.


Mercedes has also recently joined our committee. Again, we welcome Mercedes, look forward to working with her and the contribution she will make.

Alison and Kevin

Alison and Kevin are NAS Richmond's Branch Officer and deputy officer respectively and are the main point of contact, providing information, support and sign-posting.

Alison has been a committee member of NAS Richmond since 2001, and Kevin since 2009.

In 2004, together with Laura, Stella Mabb (an ex-committee member) and Susie, Alison co-wrote and published the first edition of our Branch’s Information Pack. Six years later in 2010, she and her husband Kevin revised, expanded and published the Pack’s second edition, in 2011 they set up our Branch’s website, and in 2015, published the Pack's third edition.

Alison is also a webmaster (with her husband Kevin) of the Branch website, and keeping the online version of the Information Pack up to date. As well as being one of the webmasters, Kevin was also responsible for its initial design and getting it online in the first place. He also helps Alison with the maintenance of the online version of the Information Pack.

Alison and Kevin are parent representative members of Richmond and Kingston's Local Offer implementation group. This is a group of professionals and parent representatives who are working together across the two boroughs to develop and maintain the Local Offer.

They are also members of Richmond and Wandsworth Borough’s Autism Programme Board. Through NAS Richmond’s work in partnership with the Local Authorities, it is hoped that this will lead to better services, support, awareness and understanding of those living with an autism spectrum condition.

Alison and Kevin also are members of this borough's Health and Social Care Co-Production Group, working with professionals, other carers plus people who receive support from Social Services.





An introduction to our committee members – who we are and what we do.


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